Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where the muse lives

I recently received the honor of placing my "wares" at the most magical place ever
Vignette's , where dreams do really come true for us vintage vixens
(my fabric softee necklace made with vintage remnants)
(soldered shadow box charms encase vintage rhinestones, over sized silk rose bouquet)
If you've ever been you most likely met and were charmed by Lori, who has cast a spell on all who walk through the door, she is a true gem-and has surrounded herself by such.
She is a muse to many and adored by all
saint medallion earrings with garnet

I made a vintage tape measure pin, thought it would be fabulous pinned on a hat .

Madonna paper mache earrings

Dolly head pendant on a chunky layered chain, vintage beads and chain, her body is a small corked bottle of tiny treasures
Old book pages folded to create a small wreath adorned with buttons and a very old clothspin;)

coffee stained muslin wrapped ball
bye for now:::: my hands are itchy, gotta make more;)


icandy... said...

Your creations are simply amazing!!!!

Breathing Beside Us said...

LOVE< LOVE LOVE everything.
I miss you, bring back some awesome Irish relics!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

This is all beautiful Jane. You never cease to amaze me!

sandra Lee said...

So fun and so YOU! I will have to get down there and check it all out...

paperbird said...

Jane you are very talented- your creations are lovely. Good luck you talenetd little Vintage Vixen!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Jane ,Nothing but pure yummy Images . The necklace and tape measure piece our my favorites!!

Lori said...

Sweet Jolee Jane,
Welcome to the Vignettes family!
We are so lucky, honored & blessed to have you & all your amazing talent under this roof.
Your area took on a magic glow as soon as you placed your fabulous items there!
Here's to much fun & lots of creative abandon being unleashed!
Love From Your Biggest Fan,

Gloria said...

Dear Jane,
I hope you are having a very sweet trip...The pictures are beautiful and so are your creations...I would like to schedule a playdate with you when you get back...I am going to Oregon in two weeks for the retreat with Kelly-rea...I will tell you all about... I hope you are happy and eating lots of super yummi foods ...be well...lol Gloria