Friday, September 4, 2009

Westport Ireland

It's magic, the land, the food, the vintage finds but mostly the people:::::

I am touring through Ireland- taking it all in, even though I've been before it's captivating , just like the first time

We started in Westport today touring the antique stores:::::

How sweet the buildings are, so very charming

Ohhhhh I really wanted this table, but how to get home?

My Travel buddy bought the full set of china, from the late 1800's


Here he is::: he looks like he belongs here

Ashford Castle, we have been calling it home for the past 3 days

It is truly majestic and surreal

one of my random artsy shots;)

everything looks so great against the green green backdrop of Ireland

Off for a hike through the forest, my favorite part of the day


Carrie said...

Jane! This is AWESOME!!! I can't believe you are there already! I LOVE all the photos!...What a beautiful castle you are staying in!...Excited to see more!

Breathing Beside Us said...

OK! You know how jealous that I am....... I am so glad that you are having such a great time! I miss you my sweet friend, can't wait till you get home, I am so anxious to see all the treasures that you bought. Did you get a hold of some antique Irish linen???

sandra Lee said...

I love love love it all! Can't wait to see more...

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Soak up the green. Was it just the two of you ?? I hope it was a magical as the land !!

paperbird said...

Lucky girl you- I hope you are having the most amazing time!

Maija said...

So beautiful - enjoy your tour of Ireland!

I'm driving out to la this weekend and I'm giving several boxes of art goodies to Tamerie to bring back to you for your wonderful charity!

Charlene said...

Ashford Castle looks divine! My "Honey" has always wanted to visit Ireland. Maybe someday. In the meantime... enjoy.