Monday, August 9, 2010

Eat Pray Love :::: oh and read

So I originally started to read this when it first came out- my great friend Korey suggested it to me, but because of the hurt and confusion in my life back then It was really hard to read it.

Now so much has transitioned and changed- God literally immersed me in growth.

Picked the book up again couple weeks ago when I realized I needed to read it before the movie comes out, so I am committed to reading ten pages in the a.m. and ten at night- at this rate I should be close to done by this Friday.

Anyway love the part about soul mates-how they are in our lives for growth and even mirroring our life path back at us. That's refreshing and healing as I have had soul mate relationships transition into nothingness only to feel a loss, but this take is much more to my liking, that these souls have touched me in a way that has promoted a better understanding of myself and my ability to accept and love all around me(myself included)

Made this little pretty for my soul sister Gloria::: she and I are on a journey of self discovery and empowerment- while carefully holding on to the sweet side of every day. Balance - Gratitude- and all that is real::::