Monday, January 26, 2009

:::::Love is in the air:::::

It feels like I am the only one who isnt at CHA - it's just me and olive
(pictured above) hanging out, catching up on projects isnt she the sweetest?
I had to have her the minute I spotted her at a Papertales

My good friend April asked if I could make a valentine's pin
to sell at the beehive , I had an itch to use felt and recycled tin
These are also available at papertales

This was way too easy and ::fun:: Love repurposing and
working towards "creating green"

And lastly my mended heart necklace, if you
look closely the smaller heart says just that
This was so fun to make, I had some leftover vintage christmas ornaments
that are heart shaped, so I fastened a crown on top- added wings and rhinestones
I cant ever get enough crowns and wings especially fitting when it comes to

Friday, January 16, 2009

::Sharing our dreams and values::

It's amazing how connected we are -to know that your good friends, the one's you laugh and play with are also the ones who share the same vision , value the same things in life.

Above I have just that, a list from my very good friend Deb who just happens to be one of my FAVORITE artists, LOVE her stuff. :::: Thank you Deb for sharing::::

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Live your life on purpose

Isn’t it refreshing to think we can design the next year – customize our life?
My daughter Candace urged me to buy a book at Starbucks back in December
for us to “do” together- how brilliant, quality time together reflecting and sharing.
I cant seem to locate the book to provide a link , so if anyone out there
knows where to find it you will be our hero!
So right away it leads you into the amazing realization that our values ,
what we believe in are instrumental in uncovering our dreams and goals::: love this!
So above I “scraplifted” straight from the book and designed a word document that can be posted on a piece of carboard(14”x 8 1/2”) on the bottom, leaving the top to add some fab decorative paper. Take a good 10 minutes to jot down your top 5 values, remember there are no limits- no rules.

I did this thinking I could lead my Ladies at New Entre Casa through a “life strategy”Art class, sharing our dreams and hopes for the coming year. If you’d like the word document I made just post me your email and I will forward to you- but please follow up with your thoughts and ideas(pictures would be Fab!) and I will post for all to share