Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thankfulness:::

  In preparation for my upcoming tunk show at Tallulah:: 
this little lovely is appropriately named
Tantric Priesttress, she has evolved through my growing collaboration with my extremely talented Sister; Debby Anderson
Debby created the pendant on this piece - the back has the lords prayer etched beautifully across it
   I added her to my draped bohemian chandelier necklace
the top chain is showcasing a Catholic Lourdes medallion
beautiful carved Mother with Baby with silver solder pendant
also created by Debby Anderson
all of these pieces are available for purchase, they are part of the collaborative collective named Kindred Spirits
When you purchase from Art Takes a Village you are providing the beauty of art to those in need

Monday, November 18, 2013

Locals Pop Shop::::

Blessed and protected St Michaels cascade necklace 

Just a taste of all the wonderfulness::: 
Art Takes a Village is now being showcased at Locals Pop Shop the months of November and December

  Along with my Repurposed Gems I have selected many of the treasures from my recent shipment from FRANCE OH LA LA
some of these items can be viewed on the locals Pop Shop Facebook page in the photo album Shop tour Nov 18