Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Holy Cow!

I must be standing under the giving cloud- and it has opened up and poured down a ton of supplies for my shelter project;)
Actually Michelle, a very kind, generous multi- talented friend who also happens to own Papertales surprised me with a huge box full of goodies , wow I am grinning ear to ear
as I know my ladies will be so very excited .
How cool is it that I get to be in the middle of such a wonderful interaction, to feel the blessing twice , once from the giver and again from the ladies at the shelter, and let's not forget all the fun I get to have designing projects with such cool stuff- Thank you Michelle for all your support,
and in doing so opening new doors and projects for many to share

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am still basking in the glow of all that is art nest::::: I know super drama queen right?

But seriously I am, as the wonderful women I have connected with continue to blow me away.

I love sharing what I do at the woman's shelter because I believe everyone has a heart to help those that are hurting, I am just so very blessed to have the opportunity - and in this the chance to connect with those who feel led to help. So this brings me to Loraine- a wonderful ,kind and generous spirit who happened to be touched by my interaction with the shelter and who felt led to donate so graciously.Loraine, Thank you so very much for reaching out and providing a much needed resource, I wish you could see the ladies expressions when I told them of your generosity::::: what a truly amazing gift:) Above are two of her pieces- Love her style, so pretty and comforting.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brave Women

So - believe it or not I am posting again in the same week! I have been wanting to post every day this week but didnt know where to start- then I realized I should start with Gloria.

Because without her and her brave spirit I wouldnt have even gone on such a much needed retreat.
She not only invited me, she packed all my gear into her Rover and drove my fanny all the way to Utah(6 hours; stop in vegas, another 6 hours)
I am grateful and amazed.
I am so very blessed to have her loving friendship - that she's got my back;)
Thank you my sweets- for making me brave.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amazing Women

Wow where do I start? Lets start with the women that made it all happen, without there vision and hard work I wouldn't be filled with creative energy and a feeling of peace and centeredness
(is that a word?)

Far left Julie Collings co- creator of artnest and truly inspirational spirit led lady-

Gloria and I kept saying, could you image having her as your mom( wow)

LOVE her work, and she has an amazing book "Little Felts" which I rushed home and ordered!

Second from the left Mati McDonough,

So happy and positive, filled with hopeful energy and incredibly talented.

In her class I literally painted 4 completed pieces,

I dont even know how::: it just happened;)

Jane Wynn - everything that is altered + grungy + vintage is rolled into this engaging

and fun lady, her book "altered curiosities" is such a great introduction to soldering on a whole new level, she taught me how to use a torch- I love her!!

And then there's Kelly Rae Roberts

Had the blessing of meeting her the first night and she was everything I had hoped and more.

her book "Taking Flight" has been a powerful tool for healing and self reflection in my
art therapy class- it's amazing and has helped me to find my center.

She inspired me about 3 months ago to start sketching and drawing and now it seems like it will always be a part of me, I have found my authentic expression and I owe that all to Kelly.

PLUS she is adorable and fun and just a great leader with the ability to spark unity.

Candice Elton co -creator of artnest -welcomed us with such a warm and engaging smile, she possesse's so many talents but the things That IMMEDIATELY come to mind are her mad cooking skills, I was constantly oohing and ahhing at every meal, It was such a blessing to be in her presence, you felt surrounded by her spirituality and strength:::

Okay so obviously this was life changing as I have never written this much- I will have to post every day because there is so much to share;)