Friday, January 16, 2009

::Sharing our dreams and values::

It's amazing how connected we are -to know that your good friends, the one's you laugh and play with are also the ones who share the same vision , value the same things in life.

Above I have just that, a list from my very good friend Deb who just happens to be one of my FAVORITE artists, LOVE her stuff. :::: Thank you Deb for sharing::::


KayEllen said...

Beautiful Jane!

When I was at bible study last Thursday... we were talking about making a new to-do list for this year!!
Reading my bible more...listening more and reaching out to others.

Having true purpose in all we do;0)

So glad we had a chance to spend time together on Tuesday.

Hope we can connect again soon!


Sandra Lee said...

I also value God, family and friends at the top of my list! God has such a way of putting people in our lives to "live on purpose". What a great list to share Jane! I also want to thank you for my very sweet fairy rose gal! I ABSOLUTELY love her and will always cherish it from sweet you! I value our friendship tons! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, My love...
I lost your number but you have been in my thoughts ALL day! I loved spending time with you on Saturday... Can't wait to see you beatiful home...So much love.
XoXo Mary
Call Me!~

paperbird said...

Hi Jane- I look forward to meeting you at the Art Nest. So many fun people to meet. I just got my handmade booklet from the Art Nest today. You will love it, it is awesome. I am looking forward to your 16. Stop by and say hello sometime.