Monday, January 26, 2009

:::::Love is in the air:::::

It feels like I am the only one who isnt at CHA - it's just me and olive
(pictured above) hanging out, catching up on projects isnt she the sweetest?
I had to have her the minute I spotted her at a Papertales

My good friend April asked if I could make a valentine's pin
to sell at the beehive , I had an itch to use felt and recycled tin
These are also available at papertales

This was way too easy and ::fun:: Love repurposing and
working towards "creating green"

And lastly my mended heart necklace, if you
look closely the smaller heart says just that
This was so fun to make, I had some leftover vintage christmas ornaments
that are heart shaped, so I fastened a crown on top- added wings and rhinestones
I cant ever get enough crowns and wings especially fitting when it comes to


Tamerie Shriver said...

So pretty! And I agree that little Olive is adorable. I love seeing what new ideas you come up with.


jackieb said...

Of course you had to have Olive she is sooo cute.

Love your pins and necklace. Another clever idea.

hugs, jacks

Breathing Beside Us said...

Oh Jane!!!
I Love, Love, Love this!!
You certainly are a joy to us all!
e-mail me about Thursday.
Love to you!

Candace Laree' said...

I love this little critter. So cute. Just wanted to say: LOVE what you've done with your blog. The picture that shows your recent scrap layouts are SO cute and your slideshow is adorable. So proud of you Mrs. Technical mama. Love you.

xoxox Canda Miranda Laree' Sugar poodle Pollock

jen said...

Who wouldn't love Olive!!
The necklace is divine,my dear!!
I enjoyed your blog!!

Brandon said...

Is the heart, crown, wing necklace for sale at papertales too?

Jolee Jane said...

Hi B
Thanks for your interest in the "winged mended heart" necklace, I will be placing this in Papertales this week, the one posted previously is already there and yes they both are for sale;)