Friday, January 8, 2010

Fear is just a thought........

How great are all these affirmations? So needed to feel safe- give myself permission to play.
I stumbled upon this when I entered the online classroom
(le petit academy)taught by Suzi Blue - I am now convinced she wil be the one to baby step me into drawing beautiful doll folk art:::

Suzi blu and all her amazing art goddessness places you ever so gently right where you need to be , inspires you beyond belief all while engaging your silly self to play along.

This is my first sketch I have named her Spirit-

cant wait for her to come to life;)

Learned how to color her face with pencils, Suzi has SO many great tips and techniques, who new colored pencils could be so fun!

There is a huge network of artists who take the classes and the way Suzi has it set up is so fun, you can connect and share your progress.

All the video's are downloadable and yours to keep, this way you can work at your own pace::
the class: Les petit Dolls( beginner) January through May 2010
hope to see you there


jackieb said...

Oh you found Suzi Blu, I new you would cause she is a great teacher and fun and right up your alley.

Don't you just love her video's and her doggie Gigi.

Sally has just blossomed using her techniques. Me, well.......I feel encouraged :}

Maija said...

Your sketch is darling! I can't wait to see how Spirit reveals herself!!

Gloria said...

Happy Birthday beautiful...You are an amazing and beautiful being and we all love you...I am praying for you and I am here if you need me...ALWAYS...Gloria

Gloria said...

I am thinking about you today and hoping you are feeling well...dont forget we all love you..