Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 day walkers kick asphalt::::::

We did it...... we met the challenge head on- conquered something scary, the unknown::

ignored the thoughts and voices that whispered we weren't strong enough,

or that our body's couldn't take the beating

All I know is::::

  • how in awe I am for the women out there that have met Cancer right in the face and not backed down

  • for the hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers out there that support the cause- you rock!

  • Women are amazingly powerful when we come together (why do we forget this?)

  • The mind is the key to our strength- keep it positive to succeed

  • being part of something larger than us is a must- especially when it connects us to our community

Thank you everyone for supporting me through this- thank you Candace you amaze me with your strength and soul::

From 0-60 in 3 days We did it!


Rita said...

I followed the 3 day walk on my favorite radio station. So many different but in the same time similar stories. So thankful everybody is back home for Thanksgiving. Great work ladies. Rita mammabellarte

jackieb said...

You are right women are powerful when they come together. I am not surprised you finished the 60 mile walk cause you are a strong woman. It is wonderful you can inspire your daughter and she, in turn, can inspire you and others.

paperbird said...

Way to go Jane. This is a great cause. My Grandmother died from breast cancer- she was so young. You are an inspiration to me.

TUTU Monkey said...

My boobs thank you!!

Great work!!