Monday, August 24, 2009

Come and Play:::::

The Fabulous Terri Brush of Terri Brush Designs will be leading us through a two day workshop of Papier Mache and altered snow globe art, this coming September 19th and 20- too fun!
You will have the opportunity to make a Halloween and Christmas themed globe, thank goodness because there is no way I could have chosen one over the other

I met Terri back when she came to San Diego to teach us all her fabulous soldered charms technique- I literally went home and soldered these two after learning the tricks of the trade from Terri- she made it look so easy

She also took the time to show me how to make soldered links- I love making these as it is super easy and you can take your aggression out will pounding the jewelry hammer on the silver wire;)

I made this with all the techniques I learned from Terri- the pendant is super thick to go along with the chunky links;)
Come and join in the fun- we would love to have you, just click on the snowglobe on the left for all the info


Candace Laree' said...

wow! looks awesome!

sandra Lee said...

I can't wait!!!!!!

Terri Brush said...

Hi jane
we wil make all kinds of FUN things, we make 2 snowglobes, and MORE.. ornaments snowmen, halloween goodies and MORE..I cannot wait !

paperbird said...

HI Jane- I am so sad that I cannot come to this. I met Terri just over a year ago at a shop that had several artists selling their wares. I loved her paper mache people. I have a sweet little snowman pin a friend gave me a few years back that she created. This will truly be a wonderful play day. I know it will be an amazing day for all those who attend.

Breathing Beside Us said...

I'm thinking positive thoughts my dear friend, and I WILL sell two dresses so that I can attend this amazing workshop. I'm not one to attend workshops, but this is one that I can't pass up.
You are a special and wonderful friend to me. I love you very much ;-)
XO Deb

Charlene said...

I love the links. Do you simply shape the wires add a drop of solder & then hammer? Thanks for sharing.

The snow globes look like such fun. If only I lived closer! That is why I want to summer on the California Coast!!!!

Joy said...

what a great weekend!! wish I could attend!!

smiles, Joy~

Gloria said...

beautiful creations Jane..You are so talented..Hope you well...Gloria