Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brave Women

So - believe it or not I am posting again in the same week! I have been wanting to post every day this week but didnt know where to start- then I realized I should start with Gloria.

Because without her and her brave spirit I wouldnt have even gone on such a much needed retreat.
She not only invited me, she packed all my gear into her Rover and drove my fanny all the way to Utah(6 hours; stop in vegas, another 6 hours)
I am grateful and amazed.
I am so very blessed to have her loving friendship - that she's got my back;)
Thank you my sweets- for making me brave.


Caryn Lynn said...

Hi, I loved meeting you and Gloria at the art nest. It was so heartwarming to see two friends sharing their artistic journeys together. I am so happy that I got to purchase your crown painting. Your artwork is fabulous and so are you! Keep in touch, Caryn

Gloria said...

I feel the same..I grew and see things difrently . You are so inspirational in the way you carry yourself your belief in God. Thanks my friend...G

Allyson Lewis said...

What a beautiful person inside and out you are! I am so thankful to have gone to that retreat, and to have met inspiring women like yourself. I think it is so neat, what you do for those women. We are so blessed to live in a time, that presents so many oppertunities for us to learn and grow. I was so tickled to have you purchase some of my art - Thank you. I've finished another peice, so come take a look!

Jeanneoli said...

I keep reading about this retreat and I really need to make it a priority next year. I can't imagine what such a time with other creative women would do for my spirit and soul.