Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amazing Women

Wow where do I start? Lets start with the women that made it all happen, without there vision and hard work I wouldn't be filled with creative energy and a feeling of peace and centeredness
(is that a word?)

Far left Julie Collings co- creator of artnest and truly inspirational spirit led lady-

Gloria and I kept saying, could you image having her as your mom( wow)

LOVE her work, and she has an amazing book "Little Felts" which I rushed home and ordered!

Second from the left Mati McDonough,

So happy and positive, filled with hopeful energy and incredibly talented.

In her class I literally painted 4 completed pieces,

I dont even know how::: it just happened;)

Jane Wynn - everything that is altered + grungy + vintage is rolled into this engaging

and fun lady, her book "altered curiosities" is such a great introduction to soldering on a whole new level, she taught me how to use a torch- I love her!!

And then there's Kelly Rae Roberts

Had the blessing of meeting her the first night and she was everything I had hoped and more.

her book "Taking Flight" has been a powerful tool for healing and self reflection in my
art therapy class- it's amazing and has helped me to find my center.

She inspired me about 3 months ago to start sketching and drawing and now it seems like it will always be a part of me, I have found my authentic expression and I owe that all to Kelly.

PLUS she is adorable and fun and just a great leader with the ability to spark unity.

Candice Elton co -creator of artnest -welcomed us with such a warm and engaging smile, she possesse's so many talents but the things That IMMEDIATELY come to mind are her mad cooking skills, I was constantly oohing and ahhing at every meal, It was such a blessing to be in her presence, you felt surrounded by her spirituality and strength:::

Okay so obviously this was life changing as I have never written this much- I will have to post every day because there is so much to share;)


Debby said...

Hello sweet Jane,
Wow! What an amazing time you must have had!
I've got to go visit all of their blogs.
I'll send you an email later to touch base.

Love ya!

Romancing the Bling

Michelle M White said...

Looks fabulous!!! Can't wait to hear ALL the details. We had the "Little Felts" book in the store and it sold out immediately! Now I need a copy! See you tomorrow.

julie haymaker Thompson said...

Hi Jolee Popping in to say hi, Hey my mom has lots of Scrapbook supplies and she is addicted and keeps buying more it is getting a bit overwhelming as you can hardly walk through some rooms . I told her about "art takes a village" and said she should donate some goodies to you. Would you be at all interested and if so what would you be wanting? . I would love to send you some boxes and save the fire department from busting her, or from her being buried alive in the plies!!! Hugs Julie Ht