Sunday, December 28, 2008

Grace and Unconditional love

My daughter's Grandmother Laura Lee passed away on Christmas Eve.
Her spirit of love and selflessness was that of a saint, seems like Jesus chose to lift her to Heaven
on the eve of his birth - I will miss her terribly but feel her so close now.
Candace created a tribute to this amazing lady::: another heart grabbing experience::::
Laura Lee has left so much of her goodness for me in my sweet Candace Laree.


Breathing Beside Us said...

Oh Jane,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
XOXo & Blessings,

Maija said...

Jane, I am so sorry for your loss!

Sandra Lee said...

Sweet Jane, I am so sorry. You are blessed with all the special memories of her.."what is loved, is never forgotten."


Thinking of you...I have been away for the holidays & have returned today...her spirit does live on... you will be in my thoughts & prayers...stay on touch. xoxoxo laura

KayEllen said...

Jane such a beautiful sorry to hear of your loss..

prayers and thoughts are with you and your family,


Jeanneoli said...

To know someone with such sweetness is such a blessing and a gift. So sorry for your loss.

. said...

So sorry for your loss. Are you missing in action. Hugs, Denise