Monday, April 19, 2010

good glory i am loving me some solder

Just got back from a quick road trip with good good friends::: we came together to attend
Terri Brush's workshop in Arizona. I had tried my hand at soldering ( all by my lonesome)a couple years back and felt pretty discouraged, but after I attended my first workshop with Terri and her amazing gentle spirit I knew I had made a friend for life;)

This was my second class with Terri and already she has me soldering big chunky boxes and the solder is flowing like butter
AND the good news is she is coming our way -this June
start your soldering tools ladies and join in the fun::::::


Carrie said...

This is awesome! Yoy are perfctly wonderful at everything you put your heart into making :-)

TUTU Monkey said...


I would really be interested in June....hopefully it would fall when my Mom is here for a long visit.

Hope you are doing well!!

Gloria said...

When I saw you do this in Utah I knew you had a gift...One of many I may add..Beautiful work..I love the bumps on the side it looks sweet..I hope life is treating you well my you ...Gloria

Tricia Samsal said...

So bummed I missed you, I was at her class on friday! Had I known you were coming I would have stopped by. YOur pieces are gorgeous! Love me some Terri!
Hugs, Tricia

Maija said...

You pieces are gorgeous!! Terri is a genuius teaching isn't she? I can't believe I was in Cali while you were here and I missed seeing you!!! oxoxoxo

Krystie said...

Wow!! Your work has always been off the charts fantastic in my eyes, but this post of your recent creations are soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Jane, please keep me posted regarding the class. Love the chunky look. Your pieces are great.
What a great artistic eye you always have!

paperbird said...

Jane your soldering skills are very good- your jewelry is so pretty. I love the tiny treasures you have tucked inside.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful eye candy! I am in vintage heaven!
If you want to see MORE altered, vintage stuff including online classes, go to Moss Hill Studio with JoAnnA Pierotti she has the Bella Art Doll class featured in 'Exhibition 36' with many other artists. She also has embellished bottle soldering classes and more! She also has an Etsy shop.
Teresa in California