Friday, May 15, 2009

risk love

So my really wise and very fun friend Jackie brought to my attention that I have won the flakiest blogger award and yes I am wearing the crown every day until I get myself back into more consistant blogging;)

Aren't friends great, they give you that nudge, laugh with you , and are always there if you need a hand, I am so very blessed to have so many great women in my life.
We spent a few hours yesterday drawing and painting, I made this very french looking lady, she I might put some word boxes that remind me to "risk love"


jackieb said...

Well at least you didn't call me a flaky friend tee hee Yes, it was a "gentle" nudge because I know lots of people want to see what you are up and your beautiful art.

I love her...wish everyone could see her in person.

I had so much fun painting and collaging with all of us together. Lucky us :}

sandra Lee said...

You girls are so funny but I do have to agree with Jackie...hee hee we want to know what you are up to Miss Jolee Jane!!!! I love your french looking lady!!!!

Melanie said...

lovelovelovelove her!!!!!