Monday, October 13, 2008

Upcoming Fall Class

Please join me for this upcoming Project at Under the Sun
I am so excited about these blocks, they are so fun and easy to make.
It all started when I was shopping at anthropology and they had these clever blocks of wood adorned with old photo’s- That’s all it took and I have been busy making these in all shapes and sizes.
Recently I taught my ladies at the shelter how to make the “blessed block” they of course inspired me to layer more colors and this is when I realized I could stamp on the paper, the possibilities are endless and the inspiration of gratitude is in the air


Joy @ the Vintage Rabbit said...

Hi Jane....I love these..what a great idea...Hope to see you at the barn!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea. Maybe one of these Sundays instead of scrapbooking we can make some of these!!! I love that I'm on one of your blocks on your blog...I'm famous!! Well my backside is ;o) teehee. LOVE YOU!!

Kristal said...

What a beautiful idea. I'm looking for some creative ways to make some home-made Christmas presents this year, & I can think of a few people that this would suit just perfect! Thanks for sharing,

Gloria said...

Wow jane,
You are so talented. You make a block of wood look like a mllion bucks.....LOL..Gloria King

KayEllen said...

Wonderful Jane!

Such a fun project:)
Can't wait to chat and see you again.