Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Cant I ever get enough?

Ok so I go on and on but the artists that bring their wares to the barn just got it going on;)

Sherry is among one of my favorites- this pretty lady just has so much style and sparkle, I am always left wanting more ....


gail said...

HI,, I was just looking around blogland and came across your blog. It is very pretty, you have done a great job. I love the jewelry in this post. Beautiful color... Nice to meet you, Gail

nel said...

I so wish I lived closer to the barn... Sherry has got the most gorgeous things. Unfortunately Sydney is a long way away lol!

Maija said...

I love Sherry's t shirts!! I am always buying them since I lost so much weight!

Prairie Home-Sherry said...

Oh.. Thank-you Miss Jane... You are too Sweet!!!Don't forget to copy & Paste the Blog Button on your Blog....It is going to be a Girlie Girl Day...We are all wearing VINTAGE.....The Pink Prom Dress would be Perfect!!
Cheers, Sherry

KayEllen said...

I love the aqua contrasted with the chocolate color chain!Very Pretty:)
Hope all is well with you. Is your summer going well?
Looks like another fun creative day is happening with Jackie!
Hope to connect and come sometime:) I'm off for a trade show in Washington.

Take care,