Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh Jolee you shouldnt have

I just had to crown her…. She is a Queen after all.
I made this crown on the base of a tiara that I bought at Party City
I was going through a phase were I had to alter and use vintage frames on everything(still in that phase actually) The fun thing is you just glue gun away…
And layer all the “junque” you have stored up- this way you can go buy more


Gloria said...

Do you have any Idea how talented you are...Love the Queen shes hot. I am trying to figure out how to scan and transfer the picture of my grandma we have a weird system I might just pop it in the mail to you. The old fashion way. Love our stuff Jane...I will be in Vegas this weekend with the girls...I will make your next party...Take care G

Debby said...

She is sooo beautiful! Ha! I love her crown. I love visiting your blog and I look forward to checking it often.

Sher said...

Ahhhh!! Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!! I really love this - xoxo Sher