Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bohemian Honey:::::

I am so loving the summers trends this year, such a beautiful free bohemian influence
                 below are some pieces I have been selling in the wine country

Hand dipped feathers with red marble quartz

  Mixed metal and hand made arrowhead combines eclectic metal found on repurposed belly chain
             feathered goddess headbands have been a huge hit- I cant make them fat enough!
 Mini metal journal hand forged  suspended on opalescent and copper rosary chain

 from my Vikings line::: deer antler hand soldered with repurposed snake eye gem
                         forest catcher necklace made with found object and custom wrapped wire
 Hand forged and soldered authentic arrowhead cuff also from the viking line
lagatha warrior tribe necklace::: red turquoise found feather and leather

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