Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Powder Room Pink

So I took the plunge, I had seen this amazing Magazine cover, a pink room with a mantle and above the mantel was a shell adorned mirror ::I dreamed of such girlie romance but didnt want to commit to an entire room of pink

Then , I stumbled upon this mirror at Vignette's I was instantly in love .

I realized then I could create my special place in my Master bath commode- a powder room fit for a princess with pink walls and all

Didnt realize that the color on the walls would capture the reflection of the petite chandeleir-
it's so calming, all I want to do is hang out in my bathroom;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cleaning out my closet

I know it's a little late for Spring cleaning, and although I was dreading it I tackled my
french armoir with a vengeance

I purchased stack able units from best craft organizer, they have super thin drawers that allow inserts to hold and sort the small stuff like findings and buttons

I also needed slots for fabric and such so I put up a rod and hung canvas shoe organizers- perfect for all my fabrics and felts;)
even the funky place mats I bought from pier one(to cover art journals) have a spot

Yarn and foam for future cupcake classes- wow do I have a lot of supplies or what?

I hope as I get deeper into this I find a space for my Dolly parts
I had ordered deeper drawers so they should fit

Up until now I have been storing all my vintage gen finds in this fun hat box-
cute but

not necessarily the best way to do it

I even felt encouraged to re organize my existing system that I use for scrap booking etc...

By adding the drawer inserts my collections of keys and found metal looks so much more inspired
As do my brads, after sorting through everything I think I deserve
some much deserved play time;)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Looking up

I spy a beautiful parasol, love taking my camera on a date for inspiration
How amazing is this collection of wooden shoes
( they probably arent called that)
upon seeing this I suddenly felt less guilty about my growing collection of vintage tape measures :: i do plan to someday have enough to wallapaper my entire studio with them
(tee hee)
I love wooden santos Dolls- this one seemed to be conducting the rest of the collections-
he is quite charming

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I couldnt help myself

I know that I have been keeping it a secret but I have to share it's just been so fun putting these Giftee's together for all my favorite Sirens attending the retreat
I didnt realize How inspired i would feel with the beach seashell theme- it brings me back to the days when I was running wild searching for shells- never looking up;)